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Enhance your brand with our tailored corporate photography services. Professional images that elevate your business identity.

Steve Forbes

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Corporate Photography Service

  • Service

    Exclusive Service

    One-stop photography service with one-on-one service team.

  • Quality

    High quality and efficiency

    Ensuring an impressive service experience and stunning photography results.

  • Quantity

    Extensive experience

    We have stores in various regions to address the issue of large enterprises with employees scattered across different areas

  • Events

    Events shooting experience

    Press conferences, Year-end parties, Product launches, and Academic lectures.

  • Professional

    Experienced team

    Experienced in creating professional images for Medical systems, Law firms, Accounting firms, Airlines, and Financial institutions.

  • Customize

    Meet diverse needs

    High-quality photos and special compositing services to meet diverse corporate needs, including large billboard outputs, bus ads, print media, and web design.

  • Flexibility

    Customize package

    Flexible photography packages for businesses, with options for hourly or per-image billing.

  • Insurance

    Professional file protection

    Image files backup to prevent loss of files due to staff turnover issue, providing added security for your business.

HOLO+FACE 照相館|證件照 韓式證件照 大頭照 形象照 經典形象照 職業形象照 形象寫真

Executive Portrait

  • Capturing professional presence with advanced lighting and shadow design

  • Preferred choice for executives and corporate trainers

  • Photographed by senior-level photographers

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HOLO+FACE 照相館|職業形象照 形象照 證件照 大頭照

Professional Portrait

  • Tailored portraits for professions such as doctors, lawyers, designers, tailors, nutritionists, musicians

  • scientists, politicians, chefs, magicians, athletes, tattoo artists

  • artists, models, and YouTubers.

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HOLO+FACE 照相館|證件照 韓式證件照 大頭照 肖像照 職業肖像照 履歷照 員工證

Corporate Photography

  • We offer various custom cropping ratios for different systems or IDs

  • Tailored corporate photography services

  • Composite services with corporate-colored backgrounds

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Group Composite Photography

  • Professional styling for teams of different sizes.

  • No time restrictions, available at all branches across Taiwan.

  • Uniform lighting and focal length for professional compositing

Classic ID Photo

  • Standard service process at the same branch

  • Makeup service is optional for ID photo shooting

  • Add-on service is available at our stores.

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Corporate Photography

  • Customized upper-body portraits without hand gestures

  • Suitable for ID cards, email avatars, social media profiles, resumes, etc.

  • Seated pose with appropriate lighting and shadow detailing

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Event Photography

  • Customized photography for department store

  • Corporate team-building activities

  • Traveling photography

  • Various types of PR events

Gift Vouchers / Gift Boxes

  • Gift Vouchers with customized corporate design

  • Exclusive items or products in gift box with customized corporate design

Corporate Service

  • 01

    Contact us to discuss requirements and obtain a customized quote.

    • One-on-one communication to confirm specific needs.

      Our customer service team consists of experienced photographers, retouchers, and makeup artists, offering tailored services: Special sizing. Quick makeup. Consistent image styles. Group photo compositing. Studio rental. On-location shoots

  • 02

    Receive a special offer based on the requirements and complete the payment agreement.

    • The number of people, shooting schedule, location, and team size will affect our pricing.

      After confirming costs and completing payment, we'll select suitable professionals from within our group and deploy them according to corporate needs.

  • 03

    Use the exclusive reservation code to finalize the booking.

    • After payment, you will receive an exclusive booking code.

      Visit our corporate-exclusive booking webpage to schedule appointments (available for scheduling up to 30 days in advance for corporate clients).

  • 04

    Conduct the photoshoot at the agreed time and location.

    • Photography Service

      After payment, our corporate service team will dispatch experienced teams from various branches or headquarters to the agreed time and place to complete the project photography service.

  • 05

    Use the cloud-based system to batch or individually proof the images.

    • Exclusive image review / proofing platform.

      To provide comprehensive corporate services, we've established an exclusive image review / proofing platform where individual online proofing is available for any number of project photography participants. You can simply log in to view all shooting progress, proofing progress, and download completed photos.

  • 06

    Deliver final product and close the case.

    • Provides a backup time of six months.



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